Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Last move up for Europe?

Last month European Stocks ETF (VGK) broke down from a supporting trendline causing serious technical damage to its chart( VGK  hit  55 Exponential moving average (weekly) and RSI(weekly) 40 and bounced and now is moving below the trendline from mid-2012.There is a substantial possibility for VGK to move again towards 61 or even 65,5.During this upmove if RSI(weekly) stays below 65 we are probably witnessing a topping pattern for european equities (double top, or head and shoulders)

Time will tell...

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Gold: "Mass-ive" Trend change?

During the last 30 years every time mass indicator moved above 26 along with a Bollinger Band width above 20, Gold reversed its trend or corrected significantly .The last time this happened was in mid 2013 and Gold was(!!) in a downtrend....Are we going to see a
replay of 1998-2000 situation with gold starting a secular bull market after a fake breakdown move towards 1000- 1100 (and a simultaneous equities top) or an explosion of gold price like 2008-2009...?Pick your poison... 

Friday, August 15, 2014

3 Bullish Emerging Markets

Egypt (EGPT) is in a clear uptrend.Recently EGPT broke up from a trading range and is now moving towards 80

Peru (EPU) after forming a diamond reversal is now in a falling (bullish) flag

India (INDY) is in a trading range after rallying significantly during 2014.Bulls need to see breaking up above 31.Bears will have a chance if INDY breaks below 28.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Gold Update.Its time for decisions....

Gold after completing an Inverse Head and Shoulders (blue chevrons) pattern (or a double bottom) is now moving along a descending resistance trendline from late 2012.

We believe that Gold  is about to break up that trendline and begin a substantial move up toward 1380 and then 1430, for the following reasons:
1.During the last downturn in late May RSI14(weekly) managed to stay above 40 (green circle)
2.Bollinger Band width is extremely low (6,4).Every time, the last ten years, BB width was that low, it marked the beginning of a substantial move up.

We are about to find out soon...

Friday, August 8, 2014

Uranium Update Another buying opportunity?

Uranium (URA) followed our preferred bullish scenario( (almost touched 16) and reversed towards 14,5.We are still leaning bullish towards URA. It might move toward 14 before start a substantial ascend.If it breaks down below 13,9 our scenario is invalid.A break above the descending trendline (black) will be a great bullish sign (especially if it will be followed later on by an RSI14(weekly) move towards 65 or even better above 65)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Broken Europe...

This week seems to be a crucial week for European equities(VGK). Substantial technical damage has been done as VGK price broke the ascending trendline from early 2012.

Zooming in (in grey, our preferred scenario)