Friday, November 28, 2014

Gold: Still bearish-some potential to move towards 1220$

Gold is currently in a counter-trend. If gold manages to stay above 1180 for a few days more then it can move gradually up to 1220 (EMA(daily)-55 and descending trendline of the current downmove from July)  where probably it will bounce and resume its downtrend towards 950-1000$. If Gold is going to loose 1180 level sooner rather than later then it will probably resume immediately its downtrend.The Swiss gold referendum could be a catalyst event for gold price.We believe that as long as Gold stays below 1250-1260$ there is a low possibility for a substantial long-lasting rally.
Thick black line:Descending trendline from Sept 2012
Thin black line :Descending trendline from July 2014
Green line: Weak support level at 1180$